Jardin Vertical Ginger Velvet


Personalise and greenify your space. Make it unique and distinctive.

FLOWERSOUL turns nature into a part of your life.

Our preserved flowers, greenery, moss and trees are all 100 % natural and long-lasting.

No special care, watering, light or specific temperatures are needed.

Just clean the plants from time to time to maintain their natural state.


Vertical Gardens

Suitable no matter what espace, and conceibed for those who search different , elegant and natural options.

Cuadros Vegetales Flower Soul

Vegetal frames

100% customizable, available in different sizes and foliages. They need no watering, special lighting or specific temperature.

Logotipos Vegetales

Vegetal logos

We design your plant-based logo, in accordance with your specifications and carefully maintaining the brand identity.

Terrario Colgante


Both Hanging or Desktop are available. Perfect as decoration as well as a great choice for an elegant and unique gift.

The preservation process.

The method of plant and flower preservation consists in replacing the sap and water within the plant with a preserving liquid, thereby creating a unique and 100% natural product.

The preserved flowers and plants remain beautiful and unchanged for months without watering or light and they are virtually maintenance-free. The only care the product requires is an occasional dusting, ideally with an air spray, air blower or a manual dusting with a soft cloth.

Preserved flowers are only designed for interiors and should avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

La estabilización o preservación vegetal

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