Biophilia is the innate connection that humans have with plants and animals.

Being surrounded by nature has a positive impact on our emotions and our way of thinking.

The use of vegetation in interior design brings added value to our projects.

One of the fundamental objectives for the choice of vertical gardens in homes, restaurants, commercial spaces or work environments, is that they generate more comfortable surroundings, improving productivity and the state of well-being of the people who enjoy them.

They turn the spaces into more peaceful, healthy, and aesthetically fresher environments.

On the other hand, they fulfill other more technical tasks; they absorb ambient noise, helping to combat noise pollution, which makes them doubly efficient for use in workspaces.

These multiple functions make vertical gardens an interesting and useful option to take into account to enhance environments, being the ideal way to introduce nature into urban spaces.

Finally, their minimal maintenance (they do not need irrigation or natural light) makes them a sustainable, versatile and easily adaptable solution to any space.